rosalindbuda220_1Rosalind Buda is an active chamber musician, orchestral musician, and teacher of bassoon based in Asheville, North Carolina.

“. . . powerful and sensuous tone . . . Buda played with uncompromising finesse. The work featured Buda’s technical prowess, showcasing her control over extended melodic passages, wide register leaps, and rapid arpeggios.”

– Jason DeCristofaro CVNC

Rosalind Buda - bassoon, smallpipes, Great Highland Pipes, Bombard


” . . . a compendium of everything expected of a top quality bassoonist: athletic leaps, sixteenth-note passages and sumptuous lyricism.”

– Ted McIrvine: Eclectic Bassoon Recital Electrifies Audience

“Buda arrived in Asheville in 2011 after receiving a Master of Music degree at the New England Conservatory. Her primary instrument is the bassoon, and she is a stunning musician.”

– Ted McIrvine: Rosalind Buda Excels on Bassoon and Scottish Smallpipes